It was one of my biggest dreams to make a vinyl figure. I have been collecting designer toys and any figure I came across for many years now. 

Making a figure based on my own design did not seem like a possibility to me, however I did not stop dreaming about it for some odd reason.

About a year ago I made the decision to make it happen .
The figure is untitled and it is a 3D illustration of a Hassidic kid (Orthodox Jew) holding a Sefer Torah (the Jewish bible).

This topic is very dear to me, as I was raised in a religious home. The merge of the Jewish Folklore and pop culture, street art and designer toy movement seemed very natural to me, because of their major influence on my life. 

I have been drawing as long as I can remember and the urge to create things was always a part of me. For the past six years I have been putting my works on the streets and recently I have been focusing on the Hassidism topic, which I find very inspiring. On July 11th I am opening my solo exhibition, as well as launching the vinyl figure in Tel Aviv. 

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